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Published08 April 2021
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Cantelon’s Casual Commentary
A 21st Century Guide to the Life of Jesus for the Internet Generation

Not only is the Holy Bible publishing’s all-time best seller, but Jesus continues to be the most famous and written-about character in history. The interest in Jesus always eclipses cultural, religious, and generational factors. He has universal and timeless appeal.
Cantelon’s Casual Commentary takes a 21st Century look at Jesus and the early history of the Church that sprang from his life and ministry. Its focus is the first five books of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Acts of the Apostles.
James Cantelon, who founded and pastored what is now known as the “King of Kings Church” in Jerusalem, Israel, gives a current, first person exposition and reflection on Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and timeless teaching. He analyzes each of the four Gospels and the book of Acts in a refreshingly relevant manner, appealing as the book cover says to “the Internet generation”.
Jesus’ unique teaching method using everyday illustrations known as parables, in combination with his radical lifestyle, high regard for the poor and socially outcast, and amazing ability to heal the sick, are all presented in Cantelon’s Casual Commentary with refreshing insight and candor. The combination of rigorous research and personal Holy Land experience gives the book a fascinating and unique appeal.
Meet the Author

Pastor, author, church-planter, Christian television and radio personality, Jim Cantelon is founder and President of “WOW - Working for Orphans and Widows” (, a Federal Charity which seeks to empower the local church in sub-Saharan Africa and southern India in the care of the sick and the dying.
Cantelon's first book "Theology For Non-Theologians” (Macmillan NY Publishers 1988), continues to be a popular book with those interested in an entry-level introduction to theology. In his book “When God Stood Up - A Christian Response to AIDS in Africa” (Harper Collins, 2007) Jim chronicles his experiences in Africa, confronted by the devastation of the HIV & AIDS pandemic.
A gifted teacher and communicator, Jim is a former host of Christian talk TV shows in Canada and the United States including 100 Huntley Street, Eye to Eye, and Talk to Me (a daily talk-television show Jim produced and hosted for broadcast across 14 million homes in the United States).
Jim’s radio credits include the top-rated Canadian open-line program “Challenge” and, while in Jerusalem, he was a regular host of “Voice of Hope” radio, operated out of South Lebanon by High Adventure Ministries in a high-pressure war zone.
Jim was born in Olds, Alberta, in 1947. After graduation from seminary he pastored churches in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. In 1981 Jim, and his family moved to Israel where he pioneered “Jerusalem Christian Assembly”, now called “King of Kings” - a church with a multifaceted signature both in Israel and around the world.
Currently Jim produces and hosts “Jim Cantelon Today”( ), a television show shown nationally in the United States and Canada which focuses on biblical exposition with a contemporary, ‘user friendly’ approach.
Jim and Kathy have three married children, Todd, Jess, and Kate, and 12 grandchildren.

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