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We love novels with incredible typography, technical books with columns and diagrams, big glossy color children's books and coffee table books with stunning imagery. We also love creating incredible covers for those books, with artwork, imagery and effects that really sell their story. Finally, we love converting those books to create ebooks that are full of character.

And because you asked us so nicely … we now provide smart-publishing so you can print and sell your books to loads of people who can love them too! Our service is affordable, we're great to work with and we don't sell you big publishing packages full of bells and whistles you don't really need.

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You have done an amazing, top-notch job on our work, Digesting the Universe! You are the most responsive and professional team I have worked with in a long time (even during my years as EVP at one of the world's top independent PR agencies!). So … many thanks for everything you’ve helped TCM World Foundation and Dr. Nan Lu accomplish.

Ellen Schaplowsky

Digesting the Universe


Because of Wordzworth, the book looks marvelous. It passed my wife's critical evaluation - and that is not easy to do. Again SERIOUS thanks. We'll be working together again that is for sure.

Bernard Poulin

Beyond Discouragement - Creativity


I am thrilled with what you have done for me! Thank you so much! My book looks absolutely incredible thanks to Wordzworth!!! :-D Yaaaaay! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I will recommend you to everyone & I look forward to having you work on all of my future projects as well.

Lisa Salamon

The Magic Necklace


It is awesome! Completely exceeded my expectations. I will be telling everyone how great you guys are to work with! AWESOME, AWESOME, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Michael Carrington



You all have gone above and beyond. The communication has been clear and concise, and you have a great eye for understanding our aesthetic.

Joseph Carlough

Gruber SAT 2015-16


so learn more …

Will I like what you do?

You've not worked with us before, we get that, we're going to have to impress you aren't we? Firstly, you might want to have a bit of a browse and see how some of our other customers felt working with us TESTIMONIALS. Secondly, all jobs include a sample stage so you get to provide your feedback on any layout and styling before we proceed with the rest of the job. Finally, we split payment 50:50 so you pay only half upfront and the remaining half once you're entirely happy with everything at the very end.

Must I publish with you?

Absolutely not. We are primarily a book design business. Plenty of the authors and publishers we work with publish and print their own files and we have nothing to do with it. We simply decided it was time to offer a stress-free option for those of you that want us to handle all the publishing for you, without any of the hassle.

Will you do files for KDP or IngramSpark?

Yes, absolutely. The majority of the books and cover we produce are for these printers. We are extremely familiar with all their specifications to give you the best chance of a problem-free upload first time. And because we produce files for them all the time we also know all the little tricks to ensure everything prints as perfectly as possible.

Do you edit and proofread?

No. We provide design services. We do not proofread text, edit references or index entries, spellcheck or grammar check. Ensuring your text is correct is important but it is very different work. If you would like recommendations for good proofreaders, editors or indexers then we can provide these. However, we do run typographic checks for consistent casing, “quotation” marks, punctuation and spaces. Plus a few more fussy things such as converting double hyphens ‐‐ to em dashes —, dots … to proper ellipses … and using italics rather than spot underline or bold for emphasis.

I'm in a massive rush, can you help?

When it comes to fast turnaround on design without compromising quality, we don't like to blow our own trumpet but we're pretty amazing. So if you're on a real time crunch with a book launch date and it's at all feasible for anyone to get your design work done, then it's probably us. However, it's important to know that the publishing, printing, shipping and distributing of books is not then instant. Most printers will take at least a week to get a proof to you, a couple of weeks to print and ship a batch of books, maybe a further couple of weeks for a book to settle in stock with distributors. You just want to keep these things mind when planning your timelines.

What about confidentiality?

We take confidentiality very seriously. Information and files will only be shared with our staff and associates, all of whom have individually signed a confidentiality agreement. We are happy to exchange our standard NDA upon request. The books we work on are entirely your property. We carry out the design, under your instruction and on your behalf, but make no claim to the ownership or copyright of the final work.

Can I speak to someone?

Of course you can. Our main design offices are in the UK but we also have people you can call on US and Australian numbers also, whichever is easiest for you. Whether you want to discuss typesetting, covers, images, printing, ebooks, pricing or timescales — GET IN TOUCH and let's talk.

Where can I get lots more detail?

Each of the service pages on our site like fiction book design or cover design include all the essentials like pricing, examples and terms. However we also have some great detailed articles on general book topics like: what is an ebook, all about book paper, printing in color or black and white and choosing your trim size … So head over to our help section for loads more!!