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Published06 July 2020
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How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace
by James Fairview

How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace is a management book that takes a fresh look at workplace mental health. It is a ‘how to’ guide, based upon significant business leadership expertise, extensive research, interviews with individuals living with poor mental health and expert legal advice. It sets out a strategic, structured and systematic way to manage workplace mental health, based upon international legal principles, world-renowned physical health and safety management techniques and leading management methods, presenting an array of easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement ideas. This book aims to help leaders and managers take a proactive and preventative approach to the management of mental health at work, creating a framework within which interventions such as mindfulness and resilience training can sit. This book will help leaders and managers empathise with employees with poor mental health, develop a pro-mental health culture and manage employee perceptions of mental health at work. It will help employers discharge many of their legal obligations as they relate to workplace mental health, avoid negligence, identify and manage workplace mental health risks, manage employee engagement in the context of mental health and much, much more. The methods presented are supported by extensive research, critical thinking and rational argument. The book guides readers through the ‘what, how and why’ of workplace mental health management, with the aim of improving employee wellbeing and organisational productivity. How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace is an essential aid for leaders and managers who want to explore the leadership and management aspects of mental health, helping them become a mental health leader where they work.
Meet the Author

James Fairview has leadership expertise in highly regulated industries, an academic mind and the spirit of an entrepreneur. He is a former Executive Director, with a background in shaping corporate governance, policy and strategy. He has three decades of leadership experience in enterprises both small and large, gained in sales management, operations management and general management. He has two Master's degrees including an MBA and is qualified to the NEBOSH National General Certificate health and safety management standard. James has led operations in industries regulated by criminal law, has been responsible for health and safety in 'explosive atmosphere' environments and has led teams of up to a thousand people. He has brought his significant leadership expertise together with academic research, interviews with people living with mental health issues and expert legal advice to create 'How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace', a 'how to' management guide that explores the leadership and management aspects of workplace mental health, including governance, legal compliance and negligence, culture, employee engagement, performance measurement and much more. In his book, James Fairview takes a unique look at managing mental health at work, bringing new insights to this rapidly developing and increasingly essential management discipline.
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