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Published29 August 2018
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Leading with Bricks
Best Practices for Middle Managers
by J Peter Anlyan

Leading With Bricks - Best Practices for Middle Managers is a hands-on guide for improving all facets of leading and managing from the middle of the organization. Through training thousands of managers and team members, the author developed tools that are easy to understand and practice. Every encounter at work presents the opportunity to contribute to organizational goals or work against goals - Brick On! or Brick Off!

Readers learn the distinctions between leading and managing along with the keys to entering dialogue about any work-related topic and embracing conflict as a Brick On! opportunity. Also included are tips on Effective and Efficient Meetings, Hiring and Firing, Teamwork and Reducing Stress.
Meet the Author

Peter Anlyan has combined his experiences as a general manager of two new companies with lessons learned through training and coaching thousands of team members in myriad industries to arrive at the practices herein. Peter loves to work with people who want to learn, change and grow. He also enjoys cycling, welding metals and recording music. Peter lives with his wife Sissy in Durham, NC.
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