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Published30 June 2015
Interiorpremium color
Trim Size8.5" x 8.5"
216mm x 216mm
ISBN9781783240333 (hardback)
And Then I Died
by Quar Brown

"And Then I Died" is a true story of domestic abuse and getting back to loving self and life. Over 66 models posed for the book to be the visual for the written word. Amazing talent in the project, including the front cover model/actor/dancer Marcus Patrick and back cover wounded veteran turn model Alex Minsky, eye-dropping art from page to page including photos of entertainers Armand Rizzo, Chris Cali, TaeTheDoug, Turk Mason, Kevyn "Venom" Mines, Daddi Hexx, Eric East and a sleuth of other individuals. Images shoot from California to New York, the warped world of love, sex, drugs and lies come alive on 158 pages in this project...a constant page turner and evolving setup to get the glorious truth at the end. A beautiful book, a painful journey, a freeing end.
Meet the Author

A graduate of the Art Institute of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Quar Brown has maintained consistent artistic works and styles to express his vision and other artists’ ideas. Beyond directing music videos for Don Benjamin (ANTM), Da Illest, Big Omeezy and E-40, Raz B. (B2K) and others, photography soon became another outlet of expression. Quar’s first book S.A.D. (Situations and Dilemma) is blend of photography and poetry. Each project captivating and alluring as the visions and ideas continues to flourish project after project. "And Then I Died" a visual non-fiction book vibrant of mixtures, lies, sex and drugs.
Quar Brown is currently wrapping production on his third book "Skin Stories". This project is a fun interview/photo shoot sessions of different entertainers showcasing and discussing their tattoos!
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