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Sometimes you just want a few copies of a book printed. Maybe the book is for family, friends or internal use. Maybe it is an early copy of a book to get reviews. Using POD we can offer commercial-quality book printing for as many or as few books as you need. And it's so easy to place your order - what a brilliant solution!


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Once we have designed your book and cover, what next? If you just want an easy way to print some copies, then this service is for you. Below you'll find:

  • how POD works
  • what's included in our service
  • print calculator
  • the next steps

So for quality printing without the investment and an easy-to-use way to place book orders, take a look around. And if there's anything else you want to know, just ask!

how POD works

what's included in our service

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Proof copy

The cost for printing and shipping one proof is included in this package. All proofs are done with express printing and shipping to arrive within a week. It is so important to see a printed proof of your book before ordering lots of copies. Here you have the opportunity to see the ink colors, the cover finish and the binding as well as spotting those last few edits. Further proof copies are charged at $48 USD.

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Print management

We do not print books ourselves, we use Ingram who have print factories in the US, UK and Australia. They offer a print-on-demand service which means when you order a book it is then printed and shipped to you directly. No stock, no investment, no warehousing, no waste. We have years of experience working with the Ingram processes and an excellent relationship with our representatives. They provide the highest quality print-on-demand around and a wide range of papers, trim sizes and binding types. Use our calculator to see how much your book will cost to print.

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Book orders

With this package we provide access to our Authorzone where you can see all the details about your titles. Once approved, your book will be available here for you to make book print orders within 24 hours. You can select from a range of print and shipping speeds.

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Simple contract

We have no old-fashioned printed contract for you to sign. We just ask that you have read our print-only help page and click to accept our terms. Essentially, you own the rights and responsibilities for all material published, our agreement is not exclusive and you can cancel at any time, you must not use our ISBN to publish elsewhere and all publishing package fees are non-refundable.

print calculator

Please note that books will be printed at the US, UK or Australian print factory nearest to your location. All book orders are therefore priced in USD, GBP or AUD.

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next steps

Got questions? Of course you do, there's so much to think about when printing a book! Luckily, after ten years in the business we know what we're doing. So whatever your question, just get in touch and let's talk.

Ready to go? Great. Now visit our contact page ask for print-only and we'll issue a quotation to get started.