Print-only private services

No pressure to order more than you need

Printing to suit your situation

This is for authors who only want a handful of print copies of their book. We can arrange a print run as small as you need, even if it’s just one book. This is done at the factory most local to you in the US, UK or Australia. So if you’re not planning to sell your book and just want the freedom to print copies at cost price as and when you need them, our simple print-only service is the perfect choice.

The same professional quality

Use this service to print extra proof copies for advanced readers, to order copies for family and friends, to use in your workplace, or to bulk-buy a small number of books to sell at in-person events. We use the same commercial-grade printing service no matter how few books you order, so you can feel proud of every copy.

  • $160 USD setup fee

  • Includes one proof copy

  • Author book orders available at cost price

We're ready when you are.

Whatever stage your book is at, send us what you’ve got and we can go from there. Don’t have a manuscript ready just yet? That’s fine too! Simply ask us your questions, our team is happy to help.

how POD works

Your questions answered

how much will my book be to print?

Our print calculator shows the cost of printing any book. There are a few key factors that will influence the price.

production choices

All the trim sizes, paper choices, binding types and colors offered by Ingram are shown on the calculator. Try testing different combinations (e.g. color premium hardback vs. greyscale paperback) to see the impact these production choices can have on unit price.

page count

The final page count of your book will obviously have an impact on price. It won't come as a surpirse that a 100 page book will cost less to print than a 300 page one. However, the final page count of the book is something that won't be known for certain until your book typesetting is complete. So for now you will want to make a best guess in order to get an idea of the print price.

order size

Increasing levels of discount will apply for volume orders of more than 100 books. The exact discount varies depending on a number of factors including the number of books, binding type, trim size and shipping location. Discounts will be displayed to you automatically in our calculator once you have selected your options.

integrated solution

It is important to remember that these prices represent not just the cost of printing a paper book but the cost per book of having access to the whole integrated printing, shipping and distribution solution. You don’t need to worry about things like stock, warehousing or packaging, they are all handled as part of the service.

what are the restrictions of POD?

In order to produce such large volumes of books on a daily basis, all Ingram plants follow a very specific manufacturing process which does impose a few restrictions.

fixed production choices

There are 25 possible book sizes for fiction, non-fiction and children's books in portrait, square or one landscape size. Paper choices are standard weight cream/white paper or a thicker, coated white paper for books with lots of images. Covers can be paperback, casebound, dustjacket or saddlestitch for very thin books. Ink is either black, standard color or premium color. Custom sizes, papers, inks or binding types are not offered.

print quality

Ingram provides the highest quality print-on-demand service but there can still be small variations between books. Books are produced one at a time on different machines, by different operators, in different locations on different paper rolls. A small shift of text on a spine or pages shifted up a fraction are both normal and unavoidable for POD. We have not seen any big issues with print quality but should one occur we would naturally take it up with the printer on your behalf.

CMYK ink

Book interiors and covers are digitally printed on a commercial press in cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) ink. Colors printed on paper will always appear a little different to RGB colors in an image on-screen. Cover finishing effects such as metallic foils, embossed text or spot-UV are not available.

no inserts

Each book is printed on one paper type on one machine. This means techniques like including colored photo “plates” on different coated paper in the centre of a book are not available. Likewise it is not possible to stick in pull-out maps, pockets or any other custom feature.

glue binding only

All books are bound using EVA glue and for the vast majority of books this works well. However, it may not be ideal if you need pages to lie flat in a cookbook or to withstand frequent use, like a planner.

final page print details

All POD books include at least one extra page at the back. This page is required by the printer for manufacturing, it must be completely blank other than the barcode placed by the printer and it cannot be removed or altered. The printer may also add extra blank pages depending on the size of the book block.

white binding strip

Please note that a thin white strip is required on the binding edge of the file (this is due to the glue used not adhering to the paper when covered in ink). Strictly speaking the printer requests this to be 3mm but we will typically attempt to submit a strip of 1.5mm wherever acceptable as it improves the appearance across a double-spread.

no text on small spines

Spine text is not permitted for books of less than 48 pages. Even a small amount of text cannot be placed accurately in such a limited space.

inclusion of a barcode

All POD covers must have a barcode on the back. This is automatically generated in a particular style and cannot be edited due to the risk that it becomes unscannable.

do I really need a proof?

Most authors underestimate the significance of a printed proof. This is your first opportunity to flick through the real pages, appreciate your paper and color choices, look at the quality of printing and binding, and inevitably spot those last few edits.

The cost of printing and shipping one proof is included in our package. All proofs are done with express printing and shipping and should arrive within a week. It is so important to see a printed proof of your book before pushing it into distribution. Should you choose to skip your proof and proceed to make a “blindfold” book order, we will ask you to accept that you understand the risk you are taking and take full responsibility for this.

how do changes work?

It’s not uncommon for an author to want to make changes after seeing a proof or even once a book has gone into distribution. The beauty of POD is that it makes such changes possible. However, there are costs and other considerations involved so our advice would be – collect your changes together and only submit them when you have enough to make the process worthwhile.

proof changes

Each file that needs updating at this stage will cost a minimum of $96 USD. This represents $48 USD for the design updates and $48 USD for the file re-submission to the printer. If the changes are substantial we would also recommend getting another printed proof to review them, costing an additional $48 USD. It is advisable to allow time for all this. If you have other book formats (paperback, casebound, ebook) then you will probably want to update these as well in order to keep all versions in-step.

can I use more than one printer?

At some point in the future you may decide to print a batch of books with another printer. There are just a couple of things to be aware of.

your files will need adjustment

Each printer has specific setup requirements, so book and cover files that have been prepared for one printer cannot be submitted to another. If you have selected a second printer, please ask them for their specifications and forward them to us. Our designers will then assess what changes would be needed to prepare these additional files. For most interiors this is typically a case of adjusting bleed and color settings. For covers it is most likely that the layout template and spine width will need adjustment where a slightly different paper thickness is used by each printer.

you may require a new ISBN

Firstly, if Wordzworth has provided your ISBN number then that ISBN is assigned to our company and must not be used if the book is printed elsewhere. It must be removed from your file. Secondly, even if the book you have printed with us includes your own ISBN, if your new books are being printed at a different trim size (e.g. 5" x 8" vs. 6" x 9") or binding (e.g. hardback vs. paperback) then it will still require a new ISBN.

how do I order books?

Once your printed proof is approved you may want to purchase a number of copies of your book. You can do this by placing a book order in your Authorzone on our website. As the author you can buy your book here at cost price, allowing 1-2 weeks for printing and shipping. We also offer express print and shipping speeds if you’re in a hurry.

Increasing levels of discount will apply for volume orders of more than 100 books. The exact discount varies depending on a number of factors including number of books, binding type, trim size and shipping location. They will be displayed to you automatically in our calculator once you have selected your options.

what is your returns policy?

Print-on-demand books are printed to order. Once paid for, an order cannot be cancelled or refunded. However, in the unlikely event you believe there is an issue with the manufacture or shipping condition of any books you receive then there is a process for requesting their replacement. All claims must be submitted within 30 days of receipt.

manufacturing issue

Please take a clear photo of the books you believe to be faulty. If you also have a non-faulty copy for comparison then it can really help to photograph both books together to illustrate the difference. We will also need a photo of the back page of your book as this includes the batch number and manufacturing details which the printer requires in order to investigate.

shipment issue

If it is clear upon arrival that your shipment has been damaged in transit then it is very important to sign the freight receipt noting the damage and the number of books affected. Without this record it is almost impossible to have a claim accepted by the carrier. Please also take a clear photo of the books you believe to be damaged.

is your printer eco friendly?

We only have one planet so it's important to protect it. There are a number of ways our printer play their part.


Unsold books from a traditional offset litho run will be destroyed, resulting in wasted paper, energy, pulping and landfill. In contrast, print-on-demand means no supply chain waste, no excess greenhouse emissions and no wasted natural resources.


Ingram expects their paper suppliers to be environmentally responsible and not use papers sourced from endangered old growth forests, forests of exceptional conservation value, or the Amazon Basin.


All paper is sourced from certified mills. However, since these mills are a mix of FSC®, SFI®, or PEFC™ certified, it is not possible to include any one of these logos or state that your book is printed on fully recycled paper. If you include either of these statements, it will be removed.

what are your terms?

We do not have a written contract for you to sign. Instead we ask that you have read this questions answered section and accept our general terms and conditions which we have tried to make short and readable.

Sometimes you just want a few copies of a book printed. Maybe the book is for family, friends or internal use. Maybe it is an early copy of a book to get reviews. Using POD we can offer commercial-quality book printing for as many or as few books as you need. And it's so easy to place your order - what a brilliant solution!