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Sometimes you just want a few copies of a book printed. Maybe the book is for family, friends or internal use. Maybe it is an early copy of a book to get reviews. Using POD we can offer commercial-quality book printing for as many or as few books as you need. And it's so easy to place your order - what a brilliant solution!


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about this service

Once we have designed your book and cover, what next? If you want an easy way to print some copies, then this service is for you. Print-only gives you:

  • The option to print just a single copy. This is print-on-demand. That means no stock, no investment, no warehousing, no waste. Just order as many or as few copies of your book as and when you need them and have them printed and shipped to you directly.
  • Quality printing with a range of options. We work with a POD partner that provides top quality production in the widest range of trim sizes, colors, papers and binding types so we can ensure your files really print at their best.
  • Total ownership of your work. This is your book, your words, your content. We claim no rights to anything. If you want to take your book elsewhere or do anything else with it then you absolutely can.
  • The option to have it all handled for you. We create your files, create barcodes, upload, handle proofs, make changes and liase with the printer. You don't need to know any details unless you want to.

how POD works

So what do we mean when we say we print "on-demand"? Well, for generations books were printed on big machines, a few thousand at a time. The quality was great and the cost per unit was low but for self-publishers the huge upfront investment just wasn't an option. Enter print-on-demand where a single book can be printed when it's ordered. Genius. Here's a bit more on how it works:

what's included in our service

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Complete print management

We manage your book printing through our POD digital print partners. You don't suddenly need to become an expert in book production - file management, uploads, changes and any other technical details are all handled for you.

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A proof copy

The very first copy of your book is printed and shipped to you. The cost for this is included in your package. This proof copy is handled with special expedited processing to be printed and shipped in 1 week. Seeing the physical book gives you one last chance to spot last minute changes and typos, check colors and finishes and any other production issues. Should you make changes to your book and require another proof then this is charged at a flat rate of $48 USD.

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Change management

One other advantage of POD is that when any changes are made to your book, the new version can then be printed a shipped out to you very quickly. Design changes and print file re-submission fees will apply for each file so to make this cost-effective it is always a good idea to wait until you have a good few changes to make together.

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Authorzone access

You get password access to your own area on our platform where you can review each of your titles. You can then place book orders for as many or as few books as you like and select shipping speeds that work for your needs.

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Add $128 USD for extra print format

If your main format is paperback for example then you can add a hardback as an extra print format. We will then manage the printing for a reduced fee.

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Add $480 USD for litho print management

If you need over 500 books or have some more unusual production requirements then you may want to consider batch production for lower unit costs. We do not handle this ourselves but we are happy to liaise with any print partner of your choice. Please just ensure we have their file creation guides with specifications for bleed, trim, paper, color etc. Also, keep in mind that to keep a large batch of books from spoiling they will need to be warehoused in a humidity controlled environment until they are sold.

print calculator

Now you probably want to know what it is going to cost to print a copy of your book. So below we have a little calculator so you can see the production cost with different ink, paper, trim and binding choices. Our printer also provide volume discounts when you order lots of books like 100+ or 500+.

Please note that books will be printed at the US, UK or Australian print factory nearest to your location. All book orders are therefore priced in USD, GBP or AUD.

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next steps

Got questions? Of course you do, there's so much to think about when printing a book! Luckily, after ten years in the business we know what we're doing. So whatever your question, just get in touch and let's talk.

Ready to go? Great. Now visit our contact page ask for print-only and we'll issue a quotation to get started.