Litho printing

print management $480 USD

Maybe you require 500+ copies of your book to be printed upfront. Maybe your book requires special finishes that mean they cannot be manufactured as digital print-on-demand. In these cases your book will be litho-printed in a batch. For this we will obtain quotes and samples from a range of print houses to find the best solution for your project.

Know what you're buying

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Printer selection

We will select the best offering for your book from our range of print partners. Offset litho offers the highest quality with superb finishes for glossy, thicker papers, tints, gradients and solid color. However, digital printing is now so good that it is often hard to tell the difference. Print cost per copy varies between books but will always reduce with volume.

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Complete print management

We manage the production of your book through our print partners. A batch of books must be paid for before printing can start and it typically takes around 3-4 weeks to print and ship to your address. This is a very rough estimate as the batch size, printer, complexity and finishes can significantly impact the print time.

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A single proof copy

You will receive one physical copy of your book to review before printing further copies. Typos and other issues tend to be much easier to spot in print, and color finishes will always look slightly different to the way they appear on screen. Proofs take around 2 weeks to print and ship to your address and will be digitally printed to be as representative as possible.

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If you are printing a big batch of books we can arrange to warehouse these while they are sold. Books are stored in the US or the UK in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouse. Monthly US storage and insurance is approx. $0.16 per book and monthly UK storage is approx. £0.10 per book. When a book is sold it is "picked" off the warehouse shelf and "packed" into a box for shipping. The exact "pick and pack" fee depends on the weight and size of the book but for a standard book is about £1.50 per sale. If alternatively you wish to warehouse books yourself please ensure you have a forklift to accept boxes on delivery and then space to store them.

How it works