What instructions do I send?

Files: For each file we need to know what it is, why you’ve sent it and where it goes. Using clear filenames is always a really good start. For example, Manuscript.docx for the main book manuscript, AuthorBio.docx to be inserted at the end of the book.

Structure: We also need to understand the structure within each file so using numbering, fonts, weights, size or color to distinguish between levels is very helpful.

Styling: You may also have an opinions on how you want your material to be laid out, already have a cover design to show us or want to share examples of things you particularly like (e.g. via Amazon “Look Inside”). Alternatively you can just leave it up to our designers to use their creative skill to produce something they feel really works for your material.

Production: Each of our service pages starts with a send us your material section and a list of everything we need to get started. Generally to create your book files correctly we need to know your trim size, binding choice, paper choice, colorspace and the name of your printer.