What are the rules for image licensing?

If your book contains images you need to confirm you are allowed to include these. You will also need to check they are of sufficient quality for printing.

For an additional fee we can create diagrams, original artwork or source stock images for you. We can also rework charts and graphs as a stylish matching set if you can provide these as source Excel or Illustrator files. If you ask us to create original artwork or diagrams for you then you own all the rights to these and can use the source file however you wish.

Any stock images we include can be printed in your book up to half a million times but the license does not allow us to send you the source jpg file. If you require the original image then you will need to purchase the license for this separately where available. Alternatively if you would like us to use it to create further material such as marketing images and fliers then we can do this for you under the terms of the original license.

For more tips on sourcing images please see our blog.