What about changes

Receiving your feedback, changes and updates for a job is all part of the design process.


For most jobs we will first sent you a sample file called WzWSample. To produce a sample, our designer will process the files for your whole job. They then select a representative section, style it and add comments to explain their choices.

Now the whole aim of us creating a sample is for us to get your feedback. Part of the process is for you to now tell us what you like or don’t like about the design we have produced. So don’t hold back!

For books, a sample will often be the front matter and first chapter. However, if you feel there is something a bit different in your book you want to see as part of a design sample, such as a few pages of an appendix, then please just tell us and we’ll update it for you. And should you happen to spot some typos you’ve made when reviewing your sample then point those out too. Changes of any kind, at this stage, are totally free!

We will go on making unlimited changes to your sample until we know you love it. This way our designers can happily continue on to the rest of your book confident in the knowledge they’re creating something you’ll be delighted with!


Once your job is complete we will send you a review file called WzWReview. This is your whole job ready for you to look through and will include a review watermark across the background of the page and comments from our designer to clarify anything or ask a question.

This is your first chance to see your entire job, all designed. We have a separate help article called REVIEWING A DIGITAL PROOF which you may find helpful to give you an idea of things you might want to specifically look for.

When listing changes we always strongly recommend using PDF COMMENTS so please see this link for details on how they work. Pdf comments are an incredibly easy way to mark changes on a file in the exact position you want them. They avoids you needing to list out directions like ‘on p23, second paragraph, third word’ and make it far easier and faster for our designers to make accurate adjustments for you.

A single set of free changes is included. So tell us anything you think we’ve not done quite right and we’ll update it for you. However, please keep in mind that free changes do not include styling changes to a sample you’ve already approved or edits to your text. These changes will be charged as follows:

  • Edits written out as a list are £0.90 or $1.44 each
  • Edits marked as pdf comments are £0.60 or $0.96 each
  • Any other type of change is charged based on the time required to update the files
  • All changes are subject to a £30 or $48 minimum fee

At this stage, we appreciate you will be keen to your receive your final file and will always look to make changes as quickly as possible.


Once you have made payment we will return your final file called WzW. This file is now print-ready and should be produced to all the correct specifications of your chosen printer.

At this point we would recommend checking your file again. Of course, the only difference from the WzWReview should be the setup of the pdf as it may now include things like bleed marks, trim lines and crop marks as required but it’s always good to make sure. And if when looking through your final file you notice changes you previously missed, email us and we’ll sort those out for you.

Keep in mind that once you’ve sent this file off for printing or publishing, changes will be much more expensive to make. While one small edit might sound utterly trivial, your file will need updating, print-ready files recreated and those files then need to be resubmitted to a printer or publisher. All this means that even the smallest change could now cost upwards of £60 or $100.

Our advice would always be to check your files as carefully as possible at the earliest point you can!