How to market a book

How to market a book

Self-publishing your book with us means your book remains entirely yours. We help you design it and make it available as a print-on-demand title to a global network of retails. But you own the book, you're responsible for marketing it and that's why you keep 100% of your royalties. So what kind of things might you choose to do to market your book? Here are a few suggestions.

Network of contacts

For many non-fiction authors this one is particularly key. If you have authored a book on a specialist subject you will naturally have more contacts within this field than any generic "book marketing firm" will ever have. Chances are you will therefore have email or postal details for lots of your key readers - so use these wisely, once. Compile an advertising flyer for your title (ask us for help to create an eyecatching design!) to post out or attach and send round.

Book launch, conference or events

An in-person book launch or book signing is always a great way to get word around about your title. Make sure you take plenty of copies of your book with you on the day to sell directly! Or perhaps you'll be attending other events or conferences on your specialist topic in which case a few little fliers or cards to hand out to those who show interest are pretty key.

Social media

Any social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms is a brilliant way to drum up interest for your title. A little launch image of your book, perhaps as a 3D cover, can really catch people's eye. And importantly, you can provide direct links here to the sites where your book is available for sale.

PR company

There are a number of specific book marketing PR firms out there. They will typically write mailshots and potentially even get your book mentioned across a range of media like radio, newspapers and magazines. From experience I would say these are most cost-effective for those writing fiction, as non-fiction texts tend to be aimed at a much more focused audience where you as the author are most likely to have the best connections.