How long before my book is for sale?

Print books

We receive an automated notification once you have approved your book for publication. At this point we will typically process your book files and any associated metadata and send all this to the distributor within 24 hours.

The distributor will then process the files and metadata to ensure they have everything required before sending information about the book to all their retailer partners. It typically takes up to 2 weeks for the book to start appearing on various retailer websites. Depending on the retailer there can sometimes be a further 2 weeks as they adjust their stock control algorithms to display the correct status. Please see why is my book showing as “out of stock” on Amazon? for further details.


Ebooks are entirely electronic so there is no time required for the stock status to settle. Once the ebook files have been submitted to the distributor they will typically take 1-2 weeks to appear on the retailer websites. If your ebook is still not showing after this time please contact us and we will follow up with the distributor.