Can I have source files for my job?

Final-form files are not editable so if you wish to make changes to these files in future then you can ask us to update your source files and recreate your final-form PDF file. In some cases customers wish to receive their source files. We are happy to provide these but there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Fonts: In order for your source file to appear correctly, you must have the right fonts installed. The license for a professional typesetting font means we can only embed it into your final-form PDF, we cannot include the font in your source files. We are happy to provide details on how to purchase these licenses for yourself but please keep in mind that a full professional font family can be expensive.

Imagery: In addition to licensed fonts, if your PDF includes licensed imagery, we cannot include the images in your source files. Under the terms of the license, these may only be embedded into final-form material.

Software: In order for you to open and edit your source files you will need to have, and be familiar with using, the latest version of the software (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop etc.). Unfortunately we are unable to provide ongoing assistance on how to update your source files.

Printing: It is important to be particularly careful when exporting your final files that they are regenerated to the correct specifications (color model, bleed settings, printer marks) of your chosen printer.

Admin charge: £30 ($48 USD) admin fee applies for us to prepare, package and upload your source files to you.

Text only: Customers will sometimes just need the text from their final-form PDF for editing to create a new edition or for translation into other languages. In this case we can export your InDesign file to Word. A charge will apply as, for complex files, this is not automatic. The output is a totally clean version of your most current manuscript in MS Word for future use.