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1   Design

How do I send my material?

Email: If you’re just sending a few files that total less than 10MB then emailing these as attachments is fine. Some email clients will allow you to embed images into the body of your message, this will reduce both the size and quality of the image so we would not recommend it.

Upload: If you have multiple files to send you can upload these directly on our contact page. All common filetypes are accepted.

WeTransfer: This is another easy and secure way to send us multiple files. Simply go to our WeTransfer page and drag-drop your files to send them to us. You do not require a WeTransfer account to do this.

Dropbox: If you use Dropbox we are happy to receive a download link for your files sent to Please note that for security reasons we are unable to accept shared folder requests.

Other: Other file transfer methods may be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, we will not download files from unknown FTP servers, or from services that require us to sign up for new accounts.

What files do I send?

Text files: Provide your text in editable format, ideally as an MS Word file. If you have used an alternative word processing package to write your text such as OpenOffice or Pages, please make your file MS Word compatible.

Images: To ensure your images appear vivid and crisp in print please provide them at the highest quality possible. Images for print should have a resolution of at least 300ppi (pixels per inch). Please provide images separately as MS Word will automatically downsize images placed into a document. Please see our guide on how to check if your images are good enough to print for further details.

Charts, graphs, tables: Wherever possible please provide these in source format such as Excel or Illustrator files. This enables us to update styling without rebuilding the items from scratch.

What instructions do I send?

Files: For each file we need to know what it is, why you've sent it and where it goes. Using clear filenames is always a really good start. For example, Manuscript.docx for the main book manuscript, AuthorBio.docx to be inserted at the end of the book.

Structure: We also need to understand the structure within each file so using numbering, fonts, weights, size or color to distinguish between levels is very helpful.

Styling: You may also have an opinions on how you want your material to be laid out, already have a cover design to show us or want to share examples of things you particularly like (e.g. via Amazon “Look Inside”). Alternatively you can just leave it up to our designers to use their creative skill to produce something they feel really works for your material.

Production: Each of our service pages starts with a send us your material section and a list of everything we need to get started. Generally to create your book files correctly we need to know your trim size, binding choice, paper choice, colorspace and the name of your printer.

Do you take confidentiality seriously?

We take confidentiality very seriously. Information and files will only be shared with our staff and associates, all of whom have individually signed a confidentiality agreement. We are happy to exchange our standard NDA upon request.

The books we work on are entirely your property. We carry out the design, under your instruction and on your behalf, but make no claim to the ownership or copyright of the final work.

Can I have a sample?

Most jobs will include a sample stage for approval and feedback on the styling before we proceed. For book interiors we will typically typeset the first chapter and for covers we will produce a mockup of the front. We cannot produce a sample section for an ebook as the entire conversion is done in a single pass.

We cannot produce a free sample without first receiving your agreement to proceed with the full job. This is because your designer will spend time reviewing your manuscript and developing the design. You can however see examples of work we have produced for other customers at the bottom of each service page on our website. We have also included pages of Testimonials from a wide range of happy customers.

You may request a paid sample. If your job requirements are particularly unique and you want to see a mock-up of a section to help you decide if you want to proceed at all then we are happy to produce a paid sample first. This will be charged upfront and is non-refundable.

What software do you use?

Our team is extremely experienced with a wide range of design software packages and will select the best software for each job. Book interiors and covers are created in Adobe InDesign with any graphics work done in Photoshop or Illustrator, we deliver a final-form PDF to the specifications of the chosen printer. A range of other specialist software and tools are then used for tasks like PDF conversions and ebook conversions.

Do you design from templates?

No: We believe our job as designers is to carefully consider your design needs and opinions as well as the content and subject matter. So while there may be design tools and techniques that we use for multiple jobs, the design we propose is completely customized for you.

We do not have a catalog of design templates to show you, simply because we don't use them. Instead, across our site we have a number of example documents for you to see the quality of our designs. Just keep in mind these examples are all for different customers with different requirements, they do not necessarily represent what we would suggest for you.

Will you change my text?

We provide design services. We do not proofread text, edit references or index entries, and we do not run spellchecks, or grammar checks. Ensuring your text is correct is certainly important but it is very different work. If you would like recommendations for good proofreaders, editors or indexers then we can provide these.

We do however run typographic checks to make the styling of the text consistent. This means we ensure headings have consistent casing, check that "quotation" marks come in pairs, that all sentences end with punctuation. And all punctuation is followed by a single space. There are also a few more fussy things specific for books, such as converting double hyphens -- to en dashes —, converting dots ... to proper ellipses … and using italics rather than spot underline or bold for emphasis.

Will you change my images?

Yes. The images included in your review file may appear different from your source images because they need to be prepared properly for commercial printing.

Color conversion: Images produced in RGB (red, green, blue) format will be converted to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). This will make colors appear darker, especially bright blues and greens. We will apply color management techniques to reduce the impact of the necessary conversion process.

Ink saturation: Dark images and solid backgrounds will be adjusted to reduce the ink saturation to within printing limits. If images are over-saturated then most printers will simply reject the files as ink will take too long to dry, show through the pages and cause paper to wrinkle.

Image enhancement: In order to ensure your images appear their best in print they may also have been lightened, enhanced or sharpened in Photoshop.

What about changes?

Receiving your feedback, changes and updates is part of the process. We will update your sample until you are entirely happy. So if there is anything about the proposed design you're unsure about, wish to question or want changed just tell us.

Once the whole job is completed, a single set of further changes is included. These do not include styling changes to an approved sample, edits to the text, new instructions or replacing your manuscript. Edits are charged at $1.44 USD each if written and $0.96 USD each if marked as PDF comments. Any other type of change is charged based on the time required to update the files. All changes are subject to a $48 USD minimum charge.

We appreciate you will be keen to your receive your final file and we will always look to make changes as quickly as possible.

Can I have source files for my job?

Final-form files are not editable so if you wish to make changes to these files in future then you can ask us to update your source files and recreate your final-form PDF file. In some cases customers wish to receive their source files. We are happy to provide these but there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Fonts: In order for your source file to appear correctly, you must have the right fonts installed. The license for a professional typesetting font means we can only embed it into your final-form PDF, we cannot include the font in your source files. We are happy to provide details on how to purchase these licenses for yourself but please keep in mind that a full professional font family can be expensive.

Imagery: In addition to licensed fonts, if your PDF includes licensed imagery, we cannot include the images in your source files. Under the terms of the license, these may only be embedded into final-form material.

Software: In order for you to open and edit your source files you will need to have, and be familiar with using, the latest version of the software (Adobe InDesign, Photoshop etc.). Unfortunately we are unable to provide ongoing assistance on how to update your source files.

Printing: It is important to be particularly careful when exporting your final files that they are regenerated to the correct specifications (color model, bleed settings, printer marks) of your chosen printer.

Admin charge: A $48 USD admin fee applies for us to prepare, package and upload your source files to you.

Text only: Customers will sometimes just need the text from their final-form PDF for editing to create a new edition or for translation into other languages. In this case we can export your InDesign file to Word. A charge will apply as, for complex files, this is not automatic. The output is a totally clean version of your most current manuscript in MS Word for future use.

2   Publishing

Are you a traditional publisher?

We are not a traditional publisher. We do not commission books or market them. Instead we provide a range of pay-as-you-go self-publishing services to help get your book to market including book design, printing and distribution.

Can I use my own ISBN?

Absolutely. You can publish your way, choose to either use your own ISBN or have us allocate one for you. Legally, the owner of the ISBN becomes the publisher of record. So if you own the ISBN then you are the publisher, if we give it to you then your book is published by Wordzworth Publishing.

Is your publishing contract exclusive?

No, our contract is not exclusive. This is your book, we do not make any claim to the copyright or editorial content. If you decide to publish elsewhere we just ask that you give us sufficient notice so we can halt distribution and update some other administrative details.

Will you market my book?

We provide distribution services to ensure your book is for sale in the right places. However we do not offer marketing or PR services to encourage sales.

Generic ‘book marketing’ services that send out mailshots, press releases to newspapers or run adwords campaigns are known to provide very poor return on investment for self-publishing authors.

In contrast, an author book launch, blog and social media campaign is widely considered to be most effective way to raise the profile of your book. We are often asked to design marketing materials to use for these such as 3D book covers, facebook headers, posters or flyers so if you would like is to create these for you just let us know.

Where will my book be sold?

For print-on-demand books we will distribute via Ingram to all the major online book retailers. For books where a batch has been printed and warehoused, these will sell solely on Amazon where the vast majority of books and ebooks are sold.

For ebooks, we will distribute your ebook to the four major ebook retailers: Kindle, Google, Nook and iBookStore. Having found that the vast majority of ebooks sell on these four platforms we provide a focused, simple approach.

We also provide all our authors with a dedicated sales pages for their book on our website. This page allows anyone to purchase wholesale copies of your book, minimum order of 10 copies applies. Any smaller orders should be made on Amazon.

How much does it cost to publish my book?

Some self-publishing platforms advertise that they are “free to publish”. However, this typically means doing everything yourself from checking and uploading files, obtaining ISBNs, handling print issues and sending books to deposit libraries. In addition, author royalties are then often lowered so money is made back that way.

We don't work this way. Publish with your own imprint or our imprint Wordzworth Publishing. Either way we handle the whole process for you from sending your files to print and getting your proof copy to handling bibliographical registrations and deposit library requirements.

Who controls the price of my book?

As the author you have complete freedom to choose what to sell your book for. There are just a few things to keep in mind. Too high and you risk discouraging readers from buying it, too low and you reduce the royalties you earn on each sale.

You will also need to choose both a list price and a wholesale discount. The list price is the price you suggest retailers sell your book for to the public. The wholesale discount is the percentage discount you offer the retailer in order to stock your book. The retailer will buy the book at the wholesale price, and typically sell it for the list price you recommend.

How long will it take from signing the contract to be printed?

Once the design of your book is completed and you have approved the PDFs of your book interior and cover, the next stage is to review and sign our publishing terms. We then print a proof of your book and ship it directly to you in a week.

With the proof approved we then begin distribution. It typically takes at least another week for your book to start appearing on the book retailer websites, longer if you are having a large print run done first.

Do you manage my project?

We will clearly state how long it takes to complete each stage of designing, printing and distributing your book but we do not manage your overall project for you. So if you have a specific book launch date you are working towards it's important to work backwards from this date and know when you need things completed by. Then tell us what you need and will always do our best to help speed things up where we can.

Do I get author discount on books printed?

Absolutely, as the author of the book, you can purchase any number of copies of your book from us at the cost price of printing plus shipping.

3   Our Process

What's in my quotation?

Once our team receives your files we will schedule them for review. If we have everything we need we will issue an itemized quotation including the job specification, price and turnaround time. If we still have questions, we will send a discussion email highlighting any points for further clarification.

We respond to every request within one working day and typically much sooner. We won't start work until you have accepted our quotation; this confirms you are entirely happy and we have completely understood your requirements.

What if my deadline is urgent?

When we quote a time, we deliver to it. The only exception is due to an issue beyond our control. However, it is always advisable to leave extra time for any issues, requested changes, making payment and files being delivered.

Should you need your files sooner than quoted please ask for our express service. Express jobs are subject to a 30%, 50% or 100% fee depending on the speed required. This is because we will need to prioritize the work over other customers and/or work outside normal business hours.

If you are launching your book on a fixed date it is important to be aware of the other times involved in the process. A novel printed with the fastest digital printers and express shipped will still take a week to reach you, and color books can take much longer.

How does payment work?

For our design services we follow standard practice. We split payment 50:50 with the initial 50% payable before we start work and the final 50% on completion.

All our instant payments are handled by PayPal, the most trusted online payment system in the world. PayPal accept credit and debit cards payments in many currencies. You do not require a PayPal account, see How to pay with your debit or credit card for details. Please note that paying by e-cheque may delay your job as clearance can take several days. We cannot accept checks or cash or take payments over the phone.

For publishers with a high volume of books we may set up a business account. Completed work is invoiced on a regular basis and a standard 30 day credit period applies. Payment can be made by PayPal or direct bank transfer.

What if I am not happy?

We do everything we can to try and ensure this does not happen.

Design work is subjective so just tell us if there are things you want changed, this is all part of the process so we can create a book you're really delighted with.

In order to work on your job we need to touch and style all the text and images. While we are always very careful and independently quality check files before returning them, no company can guarantee their work is entirely error-free. So if you do spot any mistakes, tell us and we will absolutely fix them.

If you are still unhappy please see the disputes section of our terms and conditions.

Can you send my files to someone else?

Each job we work on has one customer. This is the person who accepted our quote.

Clarity: A single point of contact avoids the risk of us receiving conflicting instructions from different sources. If you would like to change the ownership of a job please let us know and we can update it for you.

Approval: It is very important that you, as the customer, approve the files you are paying for to ensure you are entirely happy before they are printed, uploaded or distributed. We will therefore only send files to you, we cannot send them to a printer or customer on your behalf.

Confidentiality: We will not send your files to another party without your permission. If you have asked us to copy other people onto your emails please keep in mind these will contain prices and links to make payment.