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A different way to view and distribute your book

Just need a PDF copy?

ePDFs can’t be sold through places like Amazon or Google, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful. If you’d like to just distribute your book to friends or colleagues, or offer direct PDF downloads through your email newsletter or website, an ePDF is a great choice. And leave it to our designers to add the bells and whistles like clickable hyperlinks and navigation panels.

Screen optimised for quick sharing

Our ePDF design option is only available if we’ve also created your print book and have your source files. It’s a good add-on if you’re not interested in the ebook market but would still love a digital, sharable version of your book.

We're ready when you are.

Whatever stage your book is at, send us what you’ve got and we can go from there. Don’t have a manuscript ready just yet? That’s fine too! Simply ask us your questions, our team is happy to help.


Your questions answered

what is an ePDF?

An ePDF isn’t really a proper ebook at all. Instead, as the name suggests, it’s simply a type of PDF file, specifically designed to make it easier for people to view on an electronic screen. That said, the ePDF is gaining in popularity now that PDF software such as Adobe Reader DC is available on everything from a desktop to a tablet and a smartphone. They’ve become an attractive choice for people who want to sell their publication directly via their own website without worrying about complicated conversion processes. ePDFs are cheaper and easier to produce than other ebooks. They’ll also have exactly the same layout as your printed book. ePDFs could even include images in color, or add clickable hyperlinks and an interactive navigation panel.

However, they do have some drawbacks which are important to understand. The main one is that ebook retailers do not sell or distribute ePDFs so they won't be available to buy on any ebook marketplaces. In addition given each page of an ePDF is effectively one fixed image, these books can be almost impossible to read on smaller devices and the file sizes can be significantly larger.

how much will my job be?

The majority of ePDFs will be $200 USD. There are just a few circumstances in which it might be more.

content changes

Authors may want to take the opportunity to include advertising links, clickable urls or additional bits of information in the ePDF verses the print book version. This requires a bit of extra work for us to amend the PDF file to put these in.

layout adaptation


There may be some aspects of the page design you want to adapt in order to optimise the appearance on a small screen device. For example your print pages may have been setup with mirror margins and page numbering on the outer corners of the pages, alternating left to right. This is going to look a bit odd when displayed as single pages on a digital screen. Also, you might want to remove blank pages from the ePDF file, but then this will mess up your page numbering and make it non-sequential. In cases like these there are a number of things our designers can do — such as centre page numbers or repaginate the file — to adapt it ready for conversion.


If your print book files was produced in greyscale but you need your ePDF in full color then your images will need reworking and swapping out in order to achieve this.

complex structure

If your book is exceptionally large with a complex structure of levels and sections then the navigation panel may be more time consuming to build and additional fee may therefore apply.

what if I need changes?

Your ePDF is a conversion of your print book. Any changes required will typically fall into one of these categories.

styling and edits

Your pages should look identical to your print version so if you spot anything to change then you will want to update this in the print book first. Our standard changes fee of $48 USD will apply to each file that requires correction.


When your book is converted items are tagged with html it is theoretically possible for an error to creep in such as pages in the wrong sequence or something missing. If you spot something please just send us include an image of the issue—either as a screen capture or photo—and we will investigate for you.


The list of contents and any hyperlinks in your book should now be clickable. Your file should also open with a navigation panel down the side to enable you to see the structure of the book and click directly between chapters or sections. If you spot any issues with the way these work then just send us include an image of the issue—either as a screen capture or photo—and we will investigate for you.

what are your terms?

We do not have a written contract for you to sign. Instead we ask that you have read this know what you're buying section and accept our general terms and conditions which we have tried to make short and readable.

For books not intended for sale, an ePDF is often the answer. These files are easy to download and share for viewing on larger monitors, laptops or tablets with Adobe Reader. The pages look exactly like those of your print book but with an added navigation panel and hyperlinks to make searching the file that bit easier.