Our Service

The Wordzworth's Team values and expertise Publishing

Wordzworth is a team of design experts and technical specialists who together are on a mission to make the self-published books of the world look better!

We've seen too many great books let down by poor covers, bad typesetting and automated ebook conversions. And so many authors frustrated by the lack of clear publishing, print and distribution options made available to them.

So we set out to offer an alternative — a range of design and publishing services to create fantastic looking books and get them to market. So simply pick and mix the services you require, and our experts are here to help along the way.

The Wordzworth Difference

We think our tailored, clear, affordable service is what really makes us stand out from the crowd.

Tailored self-publishing services to suit all types of auhors Tailored

We don't take a one-solution-fits-all approach, we appreciate that every book is different. Our designers are brimming with graphical ideas to help convey your message. Our publishing experts then offer impartial advice on the print and distribution options to best suit your book.

Clear help and guidance for authors Clear

We really want you to understand what you're buying. There's a lot to think about when publishing a book, from binding and trim choices to printer selection, ISBNs, metadata, registrations, proofs, distribution, sales data and book pricing to discount setting and royalty collections (don't forget to breathe). We'll take you through the detail.

Publihing options to suit every budget Affordable

We provide options to suit every budget. We don't offer expensive bronze, silver and gold publishing packages full of bells and whistles you don't really need. All our services are fully explained and there are no hidden charges.