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High-volume printing

Lower cost per copy for high volume

Offset litho is considered to be the most superior printing method in terms of quality. This traditional method of printing is an excellent choice for publishers printing a larger volume of books. There is considerable set-up required for the machines but for lots of books the cost per copy can be greatly reduced compared to digital.

How it works

Some example pricings

The examples below show indicative cost savings from printing your book offset compared to a similar printed digitally.

All examples are for a print run of 1000 books.

Standard B&W novel
Print method Pages Trim Binding Paper Color Cost * Cost per book
Offset 360 6“ × 9” Glued, paperback 80 gsm B&W £1800 £1.80
Digital 360 6“ × 9” Glued, paperback 75 gsm B&W £3660 £3.66
High-colour book
Print method Pages Trim Binding Paper Color Cost * Cost per book
Offset 144 7.5“ × 9.69” Sewn, hardback 130 gsm Full color £6300 £6.30
Digital 144 7.5“ × 9.25” Glued, hardback 105 gsm Full color £12070 £12.07
Square children's book
Print method Pages Trim Binding Paper Color Cost * Cost per book
Offset 72 8.5“ × 8.5” Glued, hardback 115 gsm Full color £3100 £3.10
Digital 72 8.5“ × 8.5” Glued, hardback 105 gsm Full color £8040 £8.04

* Costs do not include warehousing.

The commercials

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A high-volume run of books must be paid for before printing can start. Offset litho print needs a lot of setup, creating custom plates and completing test runs before all books are printed in one go. Print cost per copy reduces with volume, and for large runs the cost saving can be very significant.

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Offset litho is considered to be the highest quality printing available. It is the technology used to print the books you see in most bookshops. Litho provides a better surface finish for glossy and thicker papers, it is excellent for tints, gradients and solid color.

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Order size

A printer might end up printing more copies than ordered to allow for waste. This means you would receive a few books more than ordered for free. Very occasionally you could receive a few less books than you ordered in which case the difference is refunded.

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All customers ordering a print-run must first get and approve a printed proof. Typos and details tend to be much easier to spot in print and color finishes will always look slightly different to the way they appear on screen. Proofs for offset runs will be printed digitally.

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Offset litho typically takes around 3 weeks once your proof copy has been approved. The initial setup is more complex as plates need to be specially created and the pages need additional drying time before they can be sorted.

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