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Batch printing

for large volumes or more print options

Batches of books may be digitally printed, offset printed or a combination of both. Paying for a batch of books to be printed upfront lowers the per unit cost of manufacture. It is also a good option for publishers looking for more trim sizes, inks, papers, end-sheets, finishes, foils and embossing options. Books can then be sold on Amazon using Amazon's availability, state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment speed, there is no quicker and easier way to sell your book.

What this includes

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Custom Digital or Litho Printing

Short-run batches may be digitally printed, litho printed or both. Offset litho is considered the highest quality print method; in particular it gives a better finish on glossy, thicker papers and is excellent for tints, gradients and solid color. However, digital printing is now so good that it is often hard to tell the difference

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Print Partners

Wordzworth is not a printer, we facilitate printing via our print partners. However, these partners are carefully selected, we have an excellent understanding of all their processes and years of experience working together. We will manage all aspects of printing for you and resolve any issues with the printer for you along the way.

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A short-run of books must be paid for before printing can start. Print cost per copy depends on trim size, binding type, paper type and page count, and reduces with volume. Short-run batches are small so warehousing costs are minimised.

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It is important to get a physical proof of your book. This is a single copy printed ahead of anything else to give you the opportunity to review it carefully and request any changes. Typos and other issues tend to be much easier to spot in print, and color finishes will always look slightly different to the way they appear on screen. If your book is being litho printed then a single proof copy will be digitally printed to be as representative as possible.

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Print Timescales

Getting a digital proof will typically take about a week. Once this has been approved then it typically takes around 3 weeks for printing of any further orders. This is a very rough estimate as the size of the print run, the printer and the complexity of finishes can all have a significant impact on the print time.

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Shipping Timescales

We will take your location into account when selecting a suitable printer in order to keep shipping costs and times as low as possible. Shipping a batch of books to the storage warehouse typically takes at least 1 week.

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If you are printing a batch of books they will need to be warehoused before they are sold. Books can be stored in the US or the UK. All books are kept in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouses. Monthly US storage is approx. $0.16 per book and monthly UK storage is approx. £0.10 per book. Charges include insurance against loss or damage. Exact fees will be confirmed at the time of order. Each book sold is then “picked” off the warehouse shelf and “packed” into a box for shipping. The exact fee depends on the weight and size of the book but for a standard book translates to about $2.40 USDper sale.

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Amazon sites

“Sell on Amazon” means your book will be made available on either or and books will be stored in the US or UK as required. Your book will not be distributed via other online retailers but you are welcome to sell your book by other means, such as your blog or at your local bookstore.

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