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As an avid reader, I just love the convenience of being able to dip into a few pages of my current read at any time. But as a designer, if the ebook I've bought turns out to be poorly converted, I just find it too distracting to read. An ebook should retain all the accuracy of the print book and as much of the character as possible. Parts of the layout should also be carefully adapted for compatibility with the widest possible range of small devices. This takes real care and attention which explains why there are so many poorly converted ebooks out there — so make sure yours stands out as one that looks great!



Send us your material

Send us your material

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Files Files: Send us your print-book PDF for conversion. If you do not have print version of your book we will need to first prepare and style your book as a PDF ready for conversion.


Images Images: Provide color versions of any greyscale images from your print-book if you want to have them swapped in to create a full-color ebook.


Versions Versions: Tell us whether you require an epub (iPad, Android, Nook) a mobi (Kindle) or both.


Cover Cover: Either send us your existing cover or see our cover design service page. This will be added to the front of your ebook file.


ISBN ISBN: Provide this 13-digit number for distribution. It must always be different to the ISBN for your print book. The only exception is if you are distributing via Kindle-store only.

We'll convert your ebook

Wordzworth ebook conversion examples Wordzworth ebook conversion examples Wordzworth ebook conversion examples Wordzworth ebook conversion examples Wordzworth ebook conversion examples

And this is how …

And this is how …

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Pre-process Pre-process: We convert your PDF to epub and add as much helpful metadata as possible including ISBN, author name, book title, publisher and publication date.


Cover Cover: Reformat print cover as elastic ebook image and jpg for distribution.


Mark-up Mark-up: Tag every block of text, heading, list, quote, box, image and table in the document with the correct paragraph style.


Style Style: Design each paragraph style to mimic the print-book as much as possible. Source and apply royalty-free fonts as similar as possible to the print-book.


Images Images: Size and place every image to make optimum use of the space available.


Tables Tables: Capture and insert each table from the print-book as an image to ensure total compatibility across all devices.


TOC TOC: Create navigation native to each device that is based on the table of contents in your printed book.


References References: Include all cross-references from the print book as clickable hyperlinks.


Endnotes Endnotes: Convert existing endnotes in the print-book to bi-directional endnotes.


Index Index: Transform printed index with page numbers into ebook index linking each term to its position in the text.


Verification Verification: Ensure epub complies with the most recent versions of ePubCheck and ePubPreFlight. Convert to create compliant mobi file.

The details

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Price $1.20 – $2.40 USD per page  ($280 USD minimum);

The price of your job depends on the length and complexity of the printed book pages to be converted. We will always need to review your files before we can issue your quotation. Read more about receiving your quotation. Instant payments are paid via PayPal. Read more about making payment.

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Turnaround 8 – 12 business days

The time required to complete your particular job will be in your quotation. Please note if we are producing your printed book then this must be completed first. For tight deadlines we provide an express service subject to availability.

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Digital Rights Management

Your ebook file will not contain Digital Rights Management (DRM). Retailers each have their own DRM solution which you can choose to enable later when submitting files to them. However, unless absolutely necessary we would advice against enabling DRM. It is intended as an anti-piracy deterrent but from our experience can cause problems for legitimate readers such as preventing them from reading the book on multiple devices.

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Receive epub and/or mobi file

We return a fully verified file ready for you to upload for distribution. Each file is first checked for compliance with the latest technical standards and requirements of the major ebook retailers (Amazon, iBooks). You will also receive a high resolution marketing jpg of your cover. See this page for tips on how to view your ebook.

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Clear changes policy

We send the whole ebook as a watermarked epub and/or mobi for review. Any technical issues will always be fixed. Please be aware that certain book layouts — columns, wrapped images, forced breaks — may be reworked to ensure your ebook is compatible with the widest range of devices. Changes to text may be chargeable.