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Sell your book via the Ingram network, the world's largest book distribution network with over 39,000 book wholesalers, retailers and libraries. All books sold via Ingram are printed by Lightning Source, one of the world's leading print-on-demand (POD) printers. Low cost POD digital printing and the widest global distribution make this a great choice for many first time authors.

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Ingram distribution is only available for print-on-demand books. There is therefore no print run, inventory or warehousing costs.

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Net Revenue = Wholesale Book Price – Production Costs

So for each book sold, you receive the wholesale price, less any production and publishing costs. Shipping fees are paid by the person buying your book. Royalty revenue is paid on the same day each month. For more detail on royalties please see the Royalties section of our terms.

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Books are made available in the US, Canada, UK, Continental Europe, Australia & New Zealand via over 39,000 wholesalers, retailers, libraries and stores. These include: Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Bertram Books, Blackwell, Book Depository, Chapters, Espresso Book Machine,, James Bennet, Ingram, and Waterstone's.

Books sold via Ingram can be ordered into physical “bricks & mortar” stores but it is up to the individual stores themselves whether they choose to physically stock your book. In order to incentivize the retailer, it is recommended you offer a wholesale discount of 40%-50%.

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POD books sold via Ingram are printed, packed and shipped within 48 hours from the factory nearest where the order is made.

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$40 USD per year

The first 2 years of distribution is included in all our publishing packages. After 2 years, the annual distribution fee of $40 USD will apply.

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The Wordzworth Difference

Sign up with us and keep things simple. You give us a few details about your book, we'll then handle all the setup and registrations. We will also collect and distribute royalties, displaying them clearly on our sales platform.