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Sell your ebook on the four major ebook retailers: Kindlestore, Google Play, NOOKbooks and iBookStore. There are lots of other ebook retailers but the vast majority are sold by the “Big Four”. With no production time and instant delivery, ebooks are the quickest and easiest route to publishing your book.

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Ebook retailers pay out a percentage of the sales price when they sell a copy of your ebook. The percentage varies from 30% to 70% between the different retailers. For more detail on royalties please see the Royalties section of our terms

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eBooks are electronic, so there is no need to wait for the postman to arrive. Simply buy it on your favourite eReader device, download it and enjoy.

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Other Key Points

Because ebooks are electronic, you can easily fix typos, make changes and then redistribute the new version. This is very different to spotting a typo in a print book. Please note your ebook designers may charge for the time required to make the changes.

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$80 USD per year

The first 2 years of distribution is included in all our publishing packages. After 2 years, the annual distribution fee of $80 USD will apply.

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The Wordzworth Difference

Sign up with us and keep things simple. You give us a few details about your ebook, we'll then handle all the setup and registrations. We will also collect and distribute royalties, displaying them clearly on our sales platform.