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$96 – $208 USD

From the initial spark of a good idea, through the topic research and design development, right up to the final technical execution of the cover, I love seeing the creative process in action. Every cover we create is unique and every aspect of it is designed. Colors have meaning, fonts have feeling and images convey so much information. Pulling all these aspects together and helping authors develop their cover design is extremely rewarding.



Send us your material

Send us your material

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Print cover Print cover: Send us the cover used on your existing print-book cover if you have one. We will adapt the existing design to work in digital format.

New design: If your book is going "straight to digital" then describe your idea for the cover as well as any imagery you might want to use. For more help on developing your concept or selecting imagery see here.


Image Image: Most covers have some sort of graphic as the focal point and there are a range of options for sourcing this. You may provide us with your own high-quality image (for which you own the rights), our designers can source suitable stock imagery, we can manipulate a selection of images into new composite artwork, or an entirely original piece of digital artwork can be commissioned to depict a scene specific to your book.


Instructions Instructions: Tell us anything else we need to know before we get started.

We'll create your ebook cover

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And this is how …

And this is how …

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Existing design Existing design: Where a print-cover exists we re-work this for digital use. This means stronger colors, larger type, bolder designs.

New design: Blend color, type and imagery to set the mood and context perfectly for the size and space of a typical device screen.


Layout Layout: Adapt cover for ebook device size, typically width:height ratio of 1:1.6 (4000 pixels x 2500 pixels).


Viewing Viewing: Ensure ebook cover design, particularly the typography, really works as small-scale (80 pixels x 115 pixels) thumbnail for marketing.


Color Color: Ensure design is produced in RGB color to appear as vibrant on-screen as possible.


JPG JPG: Generate 300dpi image to the correct specifications of all major ebook distributors.


Optimize Optimize: Check final file against latest specifications of major ebook distributors for max. file size, resolution, number of pixels.

The details

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Price $96 – $208 USD

The work required for an ebook cover depends on whether a print-version of the cover exists to be adapted or this is a brand new design. We will always need to review your files before we can issue your quotation. Read more about receiving your quotation. We ask for an initial 50% payment before our designers start work and only request the balance once you are entirely happy. Instant payments are paid via PayPal. Read more about making payment.

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Turnaround 4 – 6 business days

The time we need to complete your job will be stated in your quotation. This does not include time you'll need to review files or request changes. For tight deadlines we provide an express service subject to availability.

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Receive a cover jpg

We will initially send a watermarked mock-up of your cover for review. Following any changes we will send you the final cover jpg optimized for inclusion in your ebook. A high-resolution jpg for marketing is included as part of your ebook conversion job.

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Clear changes policy

Up to an hour of changes included as standard. Read more about reviewing your job and requesting changes.