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Cover concept board

To create a great cover requires a strong, clear conceptual idea. As the author of the book, you probably have a few ideas about your cover. This might mean you want us to professionally execute on a clear design concept you already have. But it could also be that you have only a few vague ideas about the possible look and feel. In this case our designers can help by "brainstorming" and developing these ideas further using a cover concept board. Once the concept has been fleshed out, our designers can work their magic to weave together images, colors and fonts to convey the perfect message.

What we need

In order to get started with a concept board we require your inputs, these typically include:

Cover text — front (title, subtitle, author name), back (synopsis, bio, testimonials, author photo, publishing logo, website).

Book synopsis and introduction — by reviewing the words, language and tone this gives our designers a good feel for the material.

Any written instructions — maybe you want to tell us more about the target audience for your book, describe the look and feel, suggest suitable colors or imagery.

Other cover examples — often authors find it helpful to provide links or attachments for other covers. These might be to show us styles they like or simply to make us aware of other covers in the same genre they feel work well.

What you get

The length of research time required for a cover will vary. On one hand it might just be a few minutes spent compiling a lightbox of suggested images. On the other hand it could be a few hours of documented research and design development.

What next

With the concept decided on our designers will then focus on the graphic design and image work to really make that cover page pop!